Best tools for Instagram marketing in 2022

Best tools for Instagram marketing in 2022

Are looking The best Instagram marketing tools? Instagram is still one of our favorite social networks. Although the application contains multiple tools to get a lot out of this social network, we can find other applications that help us stand out as users of this platform, from image editors to creators of stories and posts. The options are very wide and varied, and more and more tools will be added to the market. That is why we have selected the best tools for Instagram marketing, which you can learn about in detail here below.

Adobe Fresco

If you are looking to create innovative images from scratch, this program, designed for the latest devices and touch pens (now including iPhones), is what you are looking for. Adobe Fresco combines an extensive collection of vector and raster brushes to provide a natural drawing and painting experience. It is free, although the best features are in its premium version. This tool emerged as an improved version of the former Adobe Photoshop Sketch, which was no longer available last July.

Adobe LightrooIt

Adobe LightrooIt is a favorite tool among professional users and those who aspire to be. It is free (freemium), it belongs to Adobe and in it, you will find settings to control the lighting of your image, achieving professional results.


Afterlight enables image editing via movie presets, which the software creates by emulating a real movie. Effects include a variety of automatically randomized light leaks, dusty textures, grainy and color gradation, among many others. With this free app, you can take photos or upload the ones you have taken to create movies. You are also allowed to modify and create frames for the photos, apply multiple filters, achieve an aged appearance.

All hashtag

It is a free search engine, generator and creator of hashtags for social networks, including Instagram. Hashtags are the simplest and most direct way to find potential users who may be interested in your brand or service. Based on the keywords of your sector, this app will generate different possibilities of #hashtags for your publications, increasing the reach and the possibility of adding followers. In addition, it offers metrics and the Top 100 hashtags of the day, of the last week, of the last month, or historical ones.


Do you like collages? Well, Bazaart will be one of the tools for Instagrammers that you will like the most. This is one of the image editors most recognized and loved by users and critics since you can make collages beyond that with a simple compilation or superimposition.

You can play with each of the images through filters and various tools. You will give a new visual touch to each element, including removing the background or the possibility of making horizontal and vertical collages. It has elements such as text and stickers combined with photos and graphics. Each project is automatically saved so that it is available in the library.


Boomerang is a well-known Instagram functionality since it was directly integrated into the social network in the stories part. However, it also exists as a free standalone app. It is a succession of accelerated photos that go forward and backward successively, unlike a GIF. It works by recording a few seconds of action to which this boomerang effect will be applied. You can add filters, text, stickers, etc.


DesignCap is your first choice to generate high-level Instagram posts if you are looking for an online Instagram post creator. No download and design skills are needed. It provides professional ready templates for you to customize as per your need, including travel, memories, love, romantic, birthdays, weddings, etc. Thousands of professionally designed fonts, shapes and icons in the library can help stimulate your creativity.


If your problem is designing creatives for your campaigns and not in the management of social networks, Canva is your solution. A tool where design becomes easy, allowing you to create and design all kinds of presentations, graphic content for social networks and much more, with hundreds of creative designs for static images and gifs and video. It stands out for its intuitive and simple interface, with hundreds of templates, images and filters. It has a free and paid version.


Grids is a free tool that allows you to create grids in an image by serving the Instagram grid. After cutting your images into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4 and 3×5, you can upload them directly to the platform, or save them and then upload them to create a mosaic of several elements that form one. It is a resource widely used by companies related to design and that, when used well, offers a very professional appearance to the Instagram feed.


Hootsuite is one of the best-known and most complete social media tools. You can manage profiles of up to 20 social networks from the desktop and mobile applications in a single dashboard. It is a very easy-to-use tool and offers many functions, including scheduling posts, writing updates, uploading photos, monitoring and replying to feeds, analyzing performance and obtaining personalized reports, among many others.


VSCO is one of the favorite applications for users when it comes to image editing thanks to its filters with filmic finishes. The results are fast and very professional. At the same time, it allows us to make adjustments such as: cropping the image, rotating it, adjusting levels, etc.

To conclude

We hope that some of best tools for Instagram marketing will be useful to you. Can you think of any more? Share them with us!

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