How to Get Microsoft Office 365 for Free

How to Get Microsoft Office 365 for Free

Microsoft 365 is a single-download bundle that contains essential applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. 1 months Microsoft Office 365 for Free and each user is entitled to at least 1TB of OneDrive online storage, making it easy for users to collaborate, share or edit files from any location.

In addition to the powerful desktop apps, you can download all apps that is available for Android and iOS and log into your account and access your files using your browser. This means you’ll be able access your spreadsheets, documents as well as presentations and emails regardless of where you are. The only product suite provides the convenience of desktop apps, browsers, and mobile applications.

Although Microsoft 365 offers monthly and annual subscriptions I’ll show you how to get an initial trial for free so that you can test all the applications and see for yourself the reasons Microsoft 365 is so popular.

What Is Microsoft 365 and How Does It Work?

Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription program is now referred to by the name of “Microsoft 365.” It includes everything Office 365 does, plus lots more. Subscribers have accessibility to Microsoft Office apps such as Word OneTB of OneDrive storage, Skype minutes for calling phones, and much more.

Features of Microsoft 365

In the world of editing and writing, Microsoft has long been an industry leader. Apart from the widely-used apps There are many other amazing features that you might not know about.

  1. Documents created in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be edited live by numerous authors.
  2. You can connect by sharing screens, or make audio or video chats with collaborators or colleagues through Skype integration.
  3. If you don’t want to add files add a link to the document. The recipient will get OneDrive access instantly.
  4. Convert PDF files into PDF files as well as edit the PDF file in a snap.
  5. Utilize Word’s Resume Reading feature to quickly return to the place you where you left off.
  6. You can access OneDrive with any kind of gadget.
  7. Outlook is a great tool to clean your inbox.

How to Get Microsoft Office 365 for Free

Click on the Download icon in the sidebar and you will be taken to a web page with vital Microsoft 365 information and FAQs. An Download Now option will pop up when you click it. Click on it and you will be taken to the official Microsoft 365 registration page in the new tab.

* Choose “Try One Month for Free” on the drop-down list.

You must sign in using the username and password of your Microsoft account. If you don’t own one, simply click on the Add Account link to create an account for free. All you’ll require is an email account you are able to verify as well as a password in order to sign up.

* If you login and get an error message saying that you aren’t eligible for the trial offer due to the fact that you previously bought the Office subscription, you must create your account again using an email address that is different to continue.

It is mandatory to have a valid method of payment with Microsoft. However, you won’t be charged until the trial period has expired. To access the secure payment portal, simply click on the button Continue.

* If you choose to stay with Microsoft 365 after the free trial ends, you must choose the payment method. You can pay by debit or credit card PayPal and a cell phone.

* Click Save after you have entered your payment information.

* Choose “Subscribe” on the drop-down list.

* Microsoft will verify the authenticity of the account or card information provided. Press Continue once it’s completed.

If You click on”Download Desktop Apps” Download button on the Desktop Apps button, you’ll be directed into your Microsoft dashboard.

* Click Install Office to download the OfficeSetup.EXE file onto your computer.

Once the file has downloaded, double-click the file to open the Setup Wizard, which will start installing the entire collection of Microsoft 365 desktop programs right immediately.

Cloud-based Office Suite that has an option to subscribe

Microsoft Office is the most known tool for managing productivity. Microsoft 365 offers its products packed with cloud-based access for a comparatively low monthly fee.

A commercial or personal solution


Office comes in various versions, from the basic version (which is not as functional) up to Microsoft 365, and it provides everything you could want in a business or home software for computers.

You’ve probably seen the word Microsoft Office if you’ve ever been on any type of computer. Word, Excel, Outlook along with Powerpoint are all associated with computer efficiency.

Microsoft Office comes in a range of versions, from the basic version (which is not as functional) and up Microsoft 365, and it provides everything you could want for a business or home software suite for computers. The users have the option of installing Microsoft 365 on up to five devices, which includes your tablet, computer or smartphone, at an affordable monthly fee.

Microsoft 365 includes all of the Microsoft Office products, as in addition to OneDrive along with Skype. Skype was originally an individual product that demanded the payment of a fee to gain access to higher-end features.

OneDrive acts as a gateway for cloud storage. To store all your documents and spreadsheets you are able to save as much as 1TB. When you save your data stored in the cloud, you’ll have access to them on all devices at any point.

Updates are mandatory for every productivity software. You’ll be always up-to-date using Microsoft 365 since updates are implemented as soon as they’re available. Microsoft will also back up your data. Contact Microsoft anytime through email, online chat or calling the contact center in order to talk to a live representative.

Which location do you believe you’ll be able execute the program?

Microsoft 365 is compatible with Windows 10, MacOS, Android as well as iOS devices.

Our perspective

It is an essential item essential item for Microsoft Office users on a regularly. One of the primary advantages of it is the possibility of sharing this across five different devices. It’s also the most efficient method to make sure you’ve got the latest edition of an Office product.

Would you like to know if you’re entitled to it?

If you’re willing to spend some money. Microsoft 365 is the best choice if you’re looking for accessibility to the entire suite of Microsoft Office apps, including Skype and the cloud.


Does Microsoft 365 an unpaid service?

Microsoft 365 is a paid subscription service. However, you can buy a trial period of one month which gives you access risk-free to all of the productivity tools.

Can I just buy any of Microsoft 365 apps?

One download package will include all Microsoft 365 desktop apps. This means that you’ll be unable to purchase or download just one program on your computer. However, mobile apps are accessible as separate applications, and you can log in to OneDrive as well as access files from any location by using the help of your Microsoft 365 account.

What’s the procedure to cancel my Microsoft account?

It’s really easy to get rid of you Microsoft account. Log into your Microsoft account, then switch off the option to pay recurring within your account settings. You will be able to access accounts until your current cycle of billing ends.

Does Skype part of Office 365?

Although Skype is part of Microsoft 365, it is also available on its own. If you connect your Skype applications with the account you have created with your Microsoft 365 account, you’ll be able to perform tasks like scheduling meetings and sharing contacts via Outlook and Excel, and quickly uploading Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Do you have some Microsoft 365 mobile apps?

Microsoft has announced an integrated Android and iPhone application that contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many additional features. If, however, you prefer downloading different applications for each program you utilize, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook can be downloaded as standalone applications. You can connect to the account on your OneDrive account in any of these situations and all your work will be saved. This will let you browse your data from any place.

Does it require I to connect to be able to access Microsoft 365?

No. You are able to work offline and all your work is stored locally. When you reconnect on the web, each your changes will be synced to the OneDrive account. OneDrive account.


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