How to Slove Getcid Blocked iid

How to Slove Getcid Blocked iid

Many People searching a solution that Getcid Blocked IID  so in this articles I will show you how to solve getcid “Blocked IID”  

Getcid is a Microsoft product self-activation web tool that was enabled at if you bought an office 2016,2019 product key from a variable supplier who is selling Microsoft office 2016, Office 2019 telephone activation product key. For this case, when any user or customer tries to activate Office by calling Microsoft this time, it always kills the customer time. Because this times you need to say your installation id one by one and also you need to say you product key one by one. If you mistake to say product key, then you need to say again, For this issue, Microsoft provided an API and which was enabled in this website.

How to activate office using getcid info?

Before Activate Office you need to have a Valid Product key . Once you have valid product key then follow next step carefully.

  1. Download Office 2019 ISO file or Download office 2016 ISO.
  2. Install Iso files on your PC
  3. After Complete install open any apps like word or excel
  4. These time they ask you to enter a product key
  5. After entering a product key, select Telephone activation
  6. Select Your country
  7. Copy installation Id
  8. Pest installation id at
  9. Select Office 2016 or 2019 at getcid
  10. Click at getting installation id
  11. Copy installation id and pest at Microsoft activation widget
  12. At this time, Your Office 2016 or 2019 Activated successfully

Why show Getcid IID Wrong?

If you are failed to copy the Installation id properly, then when you enter at getcid for confirmation id this time, they will show that getcid IID wrong.

So copy your installation id properly, then enter it again to get a confirmation id. 

How to solve Getcid blocked iid?

Just ask your supplier to replace your product key and make a new key from your supplier. And avoid this type of supplier who is selling telephone activation product keys. we are already discuss about How to Get Microsoft Office for Free.

How to buy Office 2019 Product key at a low price?

Just visit they are selling Office 2019 online retail product key, so you don’t face this type of activation issue. However, they are a Microsoft partner, so you will get support from Microsoft. 

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