Students Apps in 2022 You Cannot Miss

Students Apps in 2022 You Cannot Miss

The proliferation of mobile devices has made technology readily available to different groups in society. Today, individuals and companies are not only offering professional essay writing services but also developing applications (apps) that are simplifying tasks significantly. In the education sector, many apps exist whose purpose is to make students’ academic engagements easier and enjoyable. The year 2021 has seen the development of several apps that a student cannot dare miss if they desire an exciting and productive engagement with academic work.


The biggest threat to focused study is distractions, which can come from diverse settings. In this digital age, almost every student owns a smartphone that they carry everywhere they go. SelfControl is an app that allows a student to block certain websites for a period to concentrate on a task, such as studying or revising for a final examination. In addition, in an age where almost every student has a social media presence, this app eliminates the distraction of the urge to check one’s smartphone or tablet periodically because of a notification.

Maths Alarm Clock

One of the challenges students face is waking up on time to prepare for the day’s tasks. Alarms are tools that help students wake up at a specific time for many reasons, such as handling an assignment before class time or revising for a final exam. However, many people have the habit of hitting the snooze button every time the alarm goes off. Maths Alarm Clock is an app that enhances self-control by requiring a student to solve a simple math problem to hit the snooze button or turn the alarm off.

The Oxford Dictionary

In many instances, including during lectures or private study in a library, students encounter words whose meaning they do not know. The Oxford Dictionary app helps students research the meaning of words and phrases, thereby enhancing their grasp of content. This app defines almost every word tutors pronounce in lecture halls, much like the physical English dictionary.


One of the issues that create stress for many students is handling assignments within stipulated deadlines. JumpCut is an app that helps students during this stressful circumstance by utilizing text that they have copied and pasted before. For example, when using the app to write an essay, a student simply tweaks the text by adding some of their previous work to come up with a complete document.


When studying, students rely on information from different sources, including texts and presentations/speeches by professionals across various disciplines. TED is an app that provides students with access to knowledge produced by educators, medical experts, technology geniuses, and business experts. Unlike books, this app gives students access to speeches and presentations made by different professionals in educational conferences worldwide.

2021 has seen the development of apps that make studying easy and much more enjoyable. In an age where almost every student owns a mobile device, apps have become the closest aid to study. The apps mentioned above benefit students in various ways, including making alarms serve their intended purpose, enhancing focus and self-control, giving access to meanings to words, making it easy to stick to deadlines, and accessing knowledge from diverse professional fields.

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