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windows 10 pro keys free

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Windows has always been a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike, but many people are still running on outdated versions of Windows 7 or 8. This blog post will help you find out how to get Windows 10 Pro Keys Free so that you can upgrade your computer today!

Windows 10 has a newly redesigned start menu, live tiles for apps on the start screen that can show you new information without needing to open them. Windows also has Cortana (a voice assistant) and a universal app store so there is an app for everything! Best of all, Windows updates are easier than ever before with automatic updating. This means your computer always has the most up-to-date software. So you can buy Windows 10 at the Cheapest Prices and enjoy windows 10 pro features.

Better Security:

With Battery security, Windows updates are automatically installed, but only if it’s safe to do so. If not, you can choose when to install the update and shut down your PC while in battery mode without worrying about data loss.


Personal assistant, that uses voice control instead of typing on a keyboard? Cortana will be able to help you get things done, find information on the internet, and a lot more.

Universal App Store:

With Windows, you can purchase apps from one place that will be compatible with all of your devices, whether they are desktop computers or mobile phones! Windows has been designed to work seamlessly across different platforms so it’s easier than ever before to do what you want when you want.

Windows Hello:

Windows hello is a most wonderful feature of Windows. It will enable you to log in or authenticate without typing in a password, just by using your fingerprint or the device camera to scan and recognize your face.

Find My Device:

If you misplace your device or it is stolen then Windows will help you find it. With Find my Device, which can be found in the settings menu on any of your devices running Windows and also through an app from the Microsoft store, you’ll always know where to look first when trying to find your device.

Windows Hello will prove to be a game-changer for Windows users, as unlocking the screen becomes an almost instantaneous process by simply looking at it!

Find My Device is great because if you lose your laptop or phone then just go into Find my Device on another one of your devices and track down where it was last seen. You can also remotely lock or erase your device to make sure that any sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!

Access Desktop Remotely:

it enables users to remotely connect or access their Windows desktop from a mobile device. You can share your screen with the other person, and allow them to use mouse input as well. It is also possible for two people in different locations to take turns controlling the remote session on each end!

Windows Ink:

using an active pen or supported passive stylus, Windows Ink offers a modern pen experience by allowing users to write notes on the screen. The handwriting will convert into text and you can customize how it looks with your own personal touch!

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How to active windows 10 pro?

In order to activate Windows 10 Pro, the product key must be entered during the setup. If you have an activation code, enter it when prompted by the computer.
The Windows Setup Assistant will then detect what edition of Windows is being installed and activate automatically according to your input. You can also use a previously activated product key at this time or continue installing without activating and do so later through Settings > Update & Security > Activation in Control Panel. if  you want learn more about how to active windows 10 pro than you can check 5 Ways to Activate windows 10 Pro Key Instantly article.

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