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How to Get Microsoft Office for Free (or Under $50)

get Microsoft Office for free or cheap

You can get Microsoft Office for free or cheap if you know where to get it. Many people are more familiar with Microsoft Office. It has become very popular with many people due to the many premium features of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word offers advanced security for saving files locally on your own PC, starting with advanced spelling and grammar testing.

Before you buy Microsoft Office for free, cheap or at any price you should know about the two main variants of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office 365 (formerly Office 365) will give you constant updates but for that you have to pay monthly or yearly subscription fee. On the other hand Microsoft Office 2019 is in a specific package but you have to pay for it once. Between these two popular variants Microsoft wants you to use the subscription based Microsoft Office 365 service. The Office 2019 package is a bit different from Office 365.

In addition to Microsoft, many companies are selling free or cheaper subscriptions and license keys than Microsoft. Moreover, if you want, you can use Microsoft’s online office app for free. So what is the best and cheapest way to increase your productivity?

Microsoft Office will be the best way to increase the productivity of your business and organize your personal and business documents. Here’s how you can get Microsoft Office for free or cheaper than Microsoft.

Despite Microsoft focusing on their Office 365, they are still selling Office Home & Student 2019 at $ 149. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Microsoft also sold their popular edition Microsoft Office 2019 Pro for just $ 439.99. This package includes all its apps in the office suite. And it has many premium features. You can also purchase any of the apps in the office suite separately if you want. But it will cost Word 2019 $ 139.99. Again if you more, If you plan to use an app then buying the whole platform would be a good deal for you.

Buying Office from Microsoft will cost you $149.99. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

One of the downsides of Office 2019 is that no matter where you buy this product from, you won’t get regular updates like Office 365. You will get as much as you get when you make your purchase. However, you will get the security updates. And this issue will not have much effect on Office 2019 users. The biggest advantage of Office 2019 is that it does not have a monthly or annual subscription like Office 365, you can use it once purchased.

Again if you want to use the older version of Office then you can use Office 2016. And you can buy Microsoft Office 2016 license key from third party sellers at a cheaper price than Microsoft. No more security updates for Microsoft. If you plan to use Office 2018 then you can buy from softkeyworld or msckey for less than $ 50.

Again, if you like Office 2019, you can buy it from a third party retailer, so you can buy it at a much lower price than the Microsoft price like softkeyworld, msckeys.

But remember, to use Office 2019, you need to use Windows 10 as the operating system. Fortunately, we’ve already shown you how to get Windows 10 for free or cheap.

Download Office 2019 Key From a Third-Party:

Microsoft charges Office 439.99 for Microsoft Office 2019. And charges $ 149.99 for Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019. But if you are willing to buy from a third party retailer, you will save a lot of money.

Newegg sometimes sells the same download key for 123.99, so it’s worth checking. If you can wait for a physical key, Walmart currently sells the key card for $ 124, Amazon occasionally has it for $ 125 and Softkeyworld has it for a shockingly low $ 44.99.

But before you buy products from third party sellers we don’t know how they can sell products at low prices.

The reason for the low price

By saving more than $ 100 in Office 2019, I feel like a non-Brian. However, since you are not purchasing the product from the official website of Microsoft, you need to take some precautions. You may feel comfortable shopping with retailers such as Newegg or Amazon. So, before buying products from third party websites, check their refund policies carefully.

You may be more hesitant to purchase products from key reseller websites like, Many have questioned the legitimacy of such agreements. To learn more about its Office 2019, we spoke with Softkeyworld directly.

Only the original developer or publisher of a digital product can generate keys, so all of the Office 2019 keys come from this source. From there, either a seller buys them directly from the publisher or from the wholesaler, who also got them directly from a publisher, and sells them on Softkeyworld for a fair market price.

Get Microsoft Office Free: Online and Mobile Apps and More

You can use Office for free through apps available on Office Online. (Image credit: Microsoft)

If you want to use Microsoft Office for free, you need to use the free online app of Microsoft Office. You can only receive this service by providing an internet connection on your PC. For this you need to have a Microsoft account and you can get Office online by logging in to your account. Once you do this you will be able to use free office programs.

This service is a good alternative to G Suite. You can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, Flow, Forms and Sway programs without paying any money. Since everything is online based, you can use this service from any PC connected to the internet

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